Is the lifespan of LED bulbs guaranteed?

This will ultimately come down to different factors. For instance, a bulb that dislodges from its fitting will certainly fall and break. In the same vein, LED bulbs that have manufacturer defects or those that were made with poor quality materials can’t be expected to last as long as they are meant to. However, a general rule of thumb is to not expect an LED bulb to match its advertised claims. While many LED manufacturers claim that their products can last for a decade or more, real-life expectations have shown that many of them burn out before they are 5 years old. This is far longer than most incandescent bulbs and CFLs but highlights why the advertised lifespan of LED bulbs is not guaranteed.

In fact, recent research has showed that a good number of LED bulbsdo not live up to their advertised longevity rates. 66 out of 239 samples used in the research failed before the 10,000-hour mark, even when manufacturers stated that they couldfunction for 15,000 hours. So, while all the benefits of using LEDs still apply, it is not realistic to expect the longevity numbers quoted on the box.