Need Electrical Installation for your Home?

We aim to serve and provide the residents of Brighton with a high level of professionalism and autonomy. When you call us, we work to meet your desired requirements while providing a safe electrical installation, repair and maintenance service, all in correspondence with quality assurance and meeting the relevant standards specification.

Electrics on Tap Services

New Electrical Installations:
Our experienced and accredited electricians are all trade certified and more than capable of running a new system design and installation of your electrical needs, ensuring a safe environment for you in your office or home.

Rewires of old installation:
Faulty wiring is a serious issue and can cause a serious hazard; we can assess your building and inform you if you require rewiring or not, we can also carry out the rewiring procedure if you give us the go ahead.

Electric Upgrades & Refurbishing:
We check your electrical panels and fuse boxes to ensure that they are carrying the right amount of power and offer state of the art upgrades that comply with regulation to ensure your safety and eradicate the possibility of an overload

How to identify if you need our rewiring services

If you are unsure whether you need our rewiring services, the following are a few pointers that suggest that you might.

  • Your wires have gone black
  • Wires look cracked or appear to be worn out
  • If there isn’t an available outlet every 6 to 8 feet of wall
  • If you keep getting blown fuses or blown circuit breakers often

Technical Standards

Our engineers are all well trained and experienced, allowing them observe the right technical standards, which include;

  • Applying Thinking Skills: They employ the principles and theories necessary for correct maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electrical components.
  • Observation Skills: They are able to identify the right visual indications, enabling them to find out the origin of a problem and respond to it adequately
  • Communication Skills: Effective Communication to collect and transfer information.
  • Motor Skills: They maintain the physical strength necessary for operating machinery, lifting equipment and work at various height levels to safely carry out electrical work.

If it’s electrical wiring or a single service, designing or running a complete range of electrical services, you can call us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide a free and comprehensive quote of your desired service.

If you require additional electrical installation in your house or investment property, i.e. new lighting in a bedroom or require a dimmer switch, an extra television point or re-modeling your home office, we can suggest products and technologies to match your requirements.


Dave: BN1 1EY
Couldn’t be happier with the response time and great lads at that. Cheers Guys.

Terry: BN3
Arrived on time, found the problem in our circuit breaker easily. We’d been trying to touch it for hours just to get it working. These guys really know what their doing.

James: BN1 1FL
Kept getting the smell of burnt wires from the attic room, but couldn’t find anything. It was like magic the way your man traced it directly to the source. I was staring at him in awe the whole time he was working. Beautiful. Great Job. Would be recommending you to my mates

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