Is Pat testing mandatory for landlords?

According to updated UK laws, PAT Testing is not mandatory for landlords. However, while there is generally no legal requirement, there are still exceptions. A live-in care worker, for example, taking care of someone in your rented apartment means you are mandated to carry out PAT testing.

However, the fact that you are not required to carry out PAT testing legally doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to ensure that all the electrical equipment in your apartment is safe to use. You are also expected to keep this equipment safe for as long as your tenants are living in the property. How you choose to do this is up to you. Whilst some landlords choose to pay for professional PAT tests, you can elect to go the DIY route if you wish to.

Having a PAT test done by a qualified professional gives you the protection you need in the event of a legal case comingas a result of an electrical appliance malfunction.