How to avoid appliance-related mishaps as a landlord

There are certain things you can do as a landlord to ensure that the electrical appliances in your property do not lead to accidents.

  1. Make sure all your appliances are ready for a new tenancy before you rent out your property.
  2. Check all small appliances at least once every two years. This covers appliances like toasters, lamps, fans, toasters, and microwaves.
  3. Check larger white goods like dishwashers, ovens, fridges, and washing machines every four years.
  4. Make sure all tenants understand how to use the electrical appliances in your property. Hand out copies of instruction manuals where necessary and ensure that they understand the need to follow instructions when using the appliances.
  5. Make sure you only purchase appliances that have a CE mark. These appliances meet BEAB approval and are in compliance with EU production regulations. BEAB-approved appliances are manufactured in a regulated factory and are tested before being sold.
  6. Avoid using electrical equipment where possible. It is harder to verify the integrity of these appliances. A visual check may not be enough to truly ascertain their quality, thereby leaving you and your tenants at risk of electrical and fire-related incidents.