How much does it cost to perform PAT testing on an item?

Portable Appliance Testing, more commonly known as PAT testing, is the series of examinations done on electrical equipment to determine if it is safe to use. PAT testing usually entails a visual test and thorough further testing carried out by a competent electrician.

Even though PAT testing is not compulsory under the law, it is important you do it to satisfy the Electrical Work Regulations requirements which stipulate that all electrical systems and appliances are kept in perfect order to prevent danger. PAT testing is the easiest way to satisfy the necessary regulations and so it is very important that all businesses carry out PAT testing on a regular basis. At the end of the tests, appliances that pass are marked with a green label and the tester will offer solutions on how to go about fixing the appliances that don’t meet the accepted standards.

Dozens of factors affect the cost of PAT testing. For one thing, the location where the equipment to be tested is may contribute to the cost of overall PAT testing. Additionally, while some appliances demonstrate defects during visual inspection, others may require detailed inspection using specialised PAT testing equipment.

As fair pricing goes, there is no specific rule that says how much PAT testing should cost. Different PAT testing specialists have different ideas of what is a fair price and they have their reasons for setting the price they choose. In some cases, these reasons include extra expenses incurred such as transportation costs to the point of testing, reporting and label materials. However, as a rule, PAT testing specialists usually charge between £1 and £3 for each appliance. But, if you have lots of appliances to test, you will likely get a discount for bulk testing.

You have to understand that PAT testing involves a lot more than just testing the appliances; while some firms only carry out the PAT testing and submit a result; others go the extra mile by carrying out basic repairs like rewiring, fuse replacement and a complete visual inspection. Additionally, a certificate will be issued to show that the establishment is in compliance with the relevant regulations and that the work environment is a safe place to work in.

Some PAT testing firms may actually charge less than the minimum £1 but these firms usually have a minimum number of appliances that you have to test, or a minimum fee, in order to qualify for this pricing system.

PAT testing is an essential process put in place by the health and safety regulations board to ensure the safety of homes and workplaces, therefore, while cost should be a consideration, it should not be your main influencing factor. It is your responsibility as a landlord or business owner to ensure that all the electrical appliances in your premises are safe for use. In the event of an electrical accident, such as an electric shock or electric fire that occurs as a result of faulty electrical equipment, you are liable to face legal prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive.