Can anElectrician Install a Security Camera?

Security cameras and surveillance systems can be installed by a trained electrician. In fact, most of the biggest brands in this niche offer security camera installation services. However, being an electrician shouldn’t be the most important factor when deciding who should install your security camera. You need to focus on the experience level of the installer. Have they done projects like yours in the past? Are they a known company trusted for their security camera installations?

It may be tempting to install simple security camera systems on your own because many of them come with manuals and the instructions seem simple enough for anyone to follow. However, there is always the risk that you will not get things done properly, which will translate to wasted money. Complex security camera setups, more importantly, should never be installed without a professional.

Other reasons why your security cameras should be installed by experienced electricians:

  1. DIY security cameras or CCTV networks may not function correctly, making a criminal’s job easier. Professional installations are more likely to deter criminals and make it easy to catch offenders who try their luck anyway. With the best picture quality, you can easily find and apprehend an offender.
  2. Working with a professional makes it easier to install a robust security camera system that ticks all the boxes. Do you want to remotely monitor what’s happening around your property while you are at work or even away on holiday? Professionals can get this done quickly and efficiently.
  3. Your camera installation may be against the rules and regulations stipulated by the local authorities. There are legal requirements on what you can or cannot capture on your home security camera (such as your neighbour’s garden, for instance). Professional security camera installers are experienced in the legal side of things.
  4. Experienced security camera installers can help you to avoid wasting money on setups you do not need and ensure you aren’t paying money for subpar equipment.
  5. DIY installations are open to attacks from cyber criminals. If you live in a wealthy area, you can be the target of a direct attack. The cameras in your property can also be used to launch wider scale DDoS attacks. If anyone can quickly plug into your security camera network, then this will do more harm than good in the long run. Professionals understand the need to at least change port numbers and passwords and avoid using the manufacturer’s servers. This will make it harder for hackers to get into your system or use it as a host for a larger scale attack in your area.

Are you considering hiring a security camera installer? You should feel relaxed about calling in an electrician as long as they have the required level of knowledge when it comes to providing exactly what you need. Your electrician and camera installer can easily be the same person!