When to Call an Electrician

Electricity is an integral aspect of our everyday lives. So much so, we are surrounded at home and in our workplaces by various electrical systems. However, these systems can be particularly dangerous, making it [...]

Do Electricians Issue Certificates?

It’s highly recommended to work with a registered electrician if you need any electrical work completing in your home or workplace. A registered electrician will likely carry out any electrical installation or repair work, [...]

What does an electrician do?

As long as you use electricity in your home or at work, chances are you have needed the services of an electrician at one time or another. Electricians are known to handle various electrical [...]

What is PAT testing?

PAT is an acronym for Portable Appliance Testing. It is a process which involves testing all electrical appliances,which can be moved, to ensure that they can be used safely. During PAT testing, appliances like [...]

How long is a PAT test valid for?

To ensure that electrical appliances and equipment are in good condition, safe to use,and will not cause injury,they are examined periodically according to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. This is referred to as [...]