Can an Electrician Fix a Phone Line?

Can an Electrician Fix a Phone Line?

A well-trained electrician with knowledge of how the UK phone system works is qualified to fix your phone and should be able to do that in a short while. Provided they know how to use a UTP cable, they will be able to add an extension for you or carry out repairs on your phone line. However, it is not just being an electrician that provides one with the skills to provide phone line installation and repairs. Your electrician or the electrical company you choose to hire must be experienced in connecting new phones or ADSL. They should also be capable of both repairing faulty cables and running new ones. Phone line installation often requires connecting and installing from the main distribution frame which is located in the unit’s complex.

Therefore, your best choice is in an electrician who has plenty of experience in these works and has kept up with the latest best practices in phone line repairs, connection and installation.

If you can’t afford to contract an electrical company and the fault is in your internal sockets, you can contract a private electrician. However, they have to be ACMA approved. This is the licence that allows an electrician or any related expert to work with telecommunications cables of any kind. If you are looking through the yellow pages, it is easy to find an ACMA-approved electrician to work on your phone line. There are obvious benefits in hiring an approved electrician for your electrical works and particularly for your phone connections. Handling an electrical project in your home or hiring an unqualified person for it can easily backfire. This is because electrical projects are some of the most dangerous jobs to undertake. The consequences of inefficiency are higher when it is a domestic assignment.

The ACMA is different from the certificate awarded to electricians after studying electrical engineering. So, not every electrician is ACMA approved. The scheme comes with its own training that provides the specialist with the required skill to deliver a completely safe job. A DIY or unlicensed electrician may deliver what seems to be a flawless job. But you might later find that they have run a cable that touches on a high amount of voltage which could be life threatening to the next technician who comes to work on it. All it takes is asking the electrician you are about to hire to show you their ACMA registration card. If they affirm they are registered but are not with you at the time, you can simply place a call to the registrar they paid through to confirm.

It is ideal to call the telephone company that provides your services but, most of the time, they take forever to send someone out. This means you often need to rely on private contractors for your phone line repairs or extension. Making the choice between hiring an electrician or a telephone technician might make all the difference. However, legally, both can fix your phone lines. Just make sure whoever you are hiring is both competent and certified.

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