Can an Electrician Install a Fire Alarm?

Can an Electrician Install a Fire Alarm?

UK fire alarm regulations are not very clear on who is qualified to install a fire alarm. However, it specifies that the person has to be “competent” in fire alarm installation. This means a well-trained electrician can install a fire alarm system. Any electrician installing your fire alarm system should be well versed in all the different types of fire alarm systems and how they operate. This way, he or she will understand which type is suitable for your needs and the strategic positions to place it in for maximum fire detection. One of the major frustrations with fire alarm installation is the incessant cases of false alarms. It defeats the idea behind investing in a fire and smoke detection system. Generally, whoever is installing one has to have a sound background in the electrical field which means an electrician, or a certified electrical company.

However, since electrical installation is a risky venture, you need a qualified electrician to oversee yours. You need one who can easily identify which grade of fire alarm system is best for you. Whether you need it for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes, the electrician needs a good knowledge of the British Standard BS 5839. The British Standard BS 5839 provides recommendations for the design, commissioning, installation, and maintenance of both fire detection and fire alarm systems for commercial and industrial buildings. The BS 5839-6, on the other hand, contains recommendations for domestic premises. Any electrician sent to your location to conduct your fire alarm installation has to be knowledgeable in both standards extensively.

The installer of your alarm should be able to provide both the commissioning and the testing certificate. It is essential to use an electrician who has not only been trained but also certified by a third party. Electrical installations are a serious business. Fire installations need to be done right to ensure everyone works efficiently.

The problem is determining when an electrician you are contracting is “competent”. The best way to test this is by knowing if they are third-party certified. For instance, when it comes to putting in cables during the installation, some electricians will be at a loss. However, with FIA certification and training, you can feel assured that a safe fire alarm system will be installed on your premises.

Having a highly-trained expert handle your fire alarm system installation ensures the full potential of the alarm system is maximized. Preferably hire a well-known electrical company for your fire alarm installation as their electricians attend training from time to time to better develop their skills. The best electrical companies have an apprenticeship programme where the trainee electricians work under more experienced ones, so they learn better during their training.

If you are a buy to let landlord then you have a legal obligation to install adequate fire protection and fire alarms in your building, and to ensure that they work adequately. If you are unsure as your obligations then read this guide to your obligations as a landlord from Lending Expert.

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