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Can Electricians Sign Off Jobs?

Carrying out electrical work by yourself at home can be very tempting – especially if you have some knowledge of electrical repairs or are very good with your hands. While it’s not advisable to [...]

What Is a Level 1 Electrician?

Electrical work requires stringent training and a range of skills. Before an individual can qualify as an electrician, they must first pass through a series of training programmes and achieve the relevantcertification. This will [...]

Can an Electrician change Phone Sockets?

Not every electrician has the necessary experience or knowhow when it comes to telephone cabling. However, if you need your phone socket changing, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a qualified electrician to [...]

What Is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a professional who works in the provision of electrical services on a large scale and mostly for brands and businesses.  These are the types of electrician you call when you [...]

Who is best to install an electrical shower?

While either a Part P-certified plumber or electrician can install an electrical shower, you are better off working with a Part P-certified electrician. This is because the competence and specialty of a plumber will [...]

Does a Plumber or Electrician Fit Electric Showers?

Electric showers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom because they can deliver hot water on demand alongside many other benefits depending on the specific type of electric shower installed. However, an electric shower [...]

Why Hire an Electrician?

There are many reasons why you should hire an electrician. Here, we look at just a few of them: Avoid legal problems If your electrical project is on the size of medium or large, there could [...]

What Qualifications do your Electricians have?

Our electricians have either an NVQ diploma in installing electrotechnical systems and equipment for buildings, structures and the environment or Level Two and Three diplomas in electrical installations for buildings and structures. They are [...]